What Our Clients Say

Michael Gerard Nathan (Manager, System Support Operations & Facilities of CGG, APAC)

The Skylark has been proactive, friendly and professional throughout the period of construction. The team members have taken a conceptual design and brought it to life with high HSE quality and technical standards. Despite the difficult environmental and logistical challenges, all aspects of the project were handled professionally and completed in a timely manner.

The new data center design is operational, and incorporates both state of the art and leading edge of technology, as well as good engineering and data center practices. The ambience and layout created, is both warm and user-friendly taking into account CGG's HSE and technical requirements and the daily operational workflow at the data center.

CGG is pleased to have worked with this very vibrant, enthusiastic and "can do attitude" team on this project and look forward to working with them again for future expansion and new requirements.

The peace of mind that we had as a result of the hard work and professionalism is something CGG would recommend. Skylark has distinguished itself as the best in the business and once again, we wish to reaffirm that Skylark has been a major contributor to CGG's new Data Center in Yangon.

U Zaw Win Naing ( Managing Director, Myanmar Microfinance Bank )

l must appreciate everything that all of you do for us here at MMB Bank, especially, the extremely impressive Data Center reign and Build Project Skylark. We really do appreciate the quick responses, the excellent facility provided by the team, the good potential and best range of services. Hats off to the team and the quality service, and we are keen to work with your company in the future.